She was a beautiful mess,

like the stray hair on her forehead

that refused to oblige to the bun;

A chaos but an eye candy nonetheless.

Sometimes a conqueror,

And other times,

She would surrender

Like a lazy wave recedes to the ocean

After barely touching the shore.

What did her heart really want?

Well, she wasn’t always sure.


Que Sera, Sera.

A part of me wants me to snuggle in bed and gorge on ice cream,

Another part wants me to be the strong individual that I know I can be.

A part of me is waiting for an adventure,

Another part is too scared to step out of the comfort zone.

Is it too late to believe in wonders?

Or too early to settle for the gifted present?

Too soon to be content?

Too greedy to be ambitious?

Que Sera, Sera!


What Meets the Eyes

She blended effortlessly in new surroundings, like smoke bends to the slightest wind;

but the breeze always carried her scent so that she was never lost.


Though she drew her own boundaries, she was never trapped;

her wings made sure they weren’t her limitations.


When her lips curved into a smile, it was contagious enough to make her sorrows laugh.

Glamorous enough to be noticed, she wished to be seen beyond what eyes could see.


Piece of You.

You’re not the red on your forehead or your palms

but the red that you bleed but no one sees.

You’re not the black mascara that you put on your eyes,

but the smoky eyes gifted by your sleepless nights.

You’re not a noise in the crowd,

but the sound that resonates in people’s minds.

You’re not a glitter in the sky,

you’re the north star that has always guided you.

You’re not a mere fantasy,

you’re the thought that sparks imagination.

You’re not just a part of someone’s life,

You are the complete piece of You.



I don’t want you to hold me but touch my soul

Don’t be with me all the time but stay in my thoughts

Don’t tell me all your stories but say the words that move me

Don’t make my decisions for me but influence me

Inspire me, indulge me,

destroy me if that brings me back to life

Run wild with me but hold me back at times

Hurt me, I will heal; ignite that passion in me

Make me feel your presence, not your mortal self

You may think I’m dreamy but I’ll wait till my dreams come true